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It's never too early to draft a will.

Traffic Offenses

Get back on the road after a traffic incident.

Workers' Comp

Your employer might have to pay your medical bills.


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The law is often complicated. That's why you need a reliable law firm to help you. The Palewski Law Office offers estate planning, workers' compensation and traffic law services. When you hire Attorney Palewski, you'll get more than just straightforward legal help. You'll get the chance to work through your problems with a highly trained attorney and find the best solution for your situation.

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What does an in-depth legal consultation look like? When you work with Attorney Palewski, he can:

Educate you on the law
Provide sound legal advice
Answer any of your questions
Represent your best interests
Research your specific situation
Help you fill out necessary paperwork

You'll get the legal services you need from an attorney who's seen it all. Make an appointment for an initial consultation now. 315-624-7510

Don't hire an amateur

When you need legal help, you want to work with an experienced and compassionate attorney. Attorney Palewski has been practicing for over 51 years. In that time, he's built strong relationships with local community members and has perfected his legal techniques. He has extensive knowledge in family, workers' compensation and traffic law, as well as estate planning. You'll get reliable help when you work with him.

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